Tudor Tuesdays – Henry VII

We continue Tudor Tuesday with the man himself, Henry VII, the first Tudor Monarch.

Henry VII was born in Pembroke Castle on 28th January 1457, in a tower overlooking Westgate. Jasper Tudor took in his brother’s widowed and pregnant wife, Margaret Beaufort, who was only 12-14 years old at the time. She gave birth to a son, Harri Tudur, who would later become Henry VII.

Henry VII was an important figure in British history as he brought stability and a period of peace to the kingdom after years of war and unrest.

Upon Henry’s death, his son went on to become King Henry VIII – best known for his six wives and the number of ways in which he got rid of them!

Pembroke castle

Today, Pembroke Castle stands testament to the life and legacy of Henry VII, the first Tudor King. It’s a place to learn about the history and reflect on the life of a man who changed the course of British history forever.

Pembroke Castle is a must-see for anyone visiting Wales. Its beautiful architecture, fascinating history, and breathtaking views of the countryside make it a truly magical experience.

It’s great for all ages too with lots going on for kids. Take part in Merrymakers Knight School; a fun event that will put you through your paces, and teach you new skills and knightly techniques! Head to the Black Mountains Falconry and see falcons, owls, buzzards and hawks with fantastic flying demonstrations. Or travel through Pembroke Castle’s history in just one day with The Merrymakers’ outdoor performance “Keepers of the Castle”, as they take you on an energetic, musical and hilarious romp through the castle’s rich history.

Pictures by Pembroke Castle