Caring for the Environment, Caring for You

People are becoming more and more aware of the impact of what they use in their everyday lives on themselves and the environment. The phenomenal reaction to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet tells us just how important the environment and our impact on the world is to an increasing number of people. We only have to turn on the TV and radio to hear just how serious the problem of preserving our planet is becoming.

With that in mind we have sourced a range of products that will care for us AND the planet so that our children and grandchildren can benefit from the earth’s riches

You cleaning products - Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages South Pembrokeshire

Sustainable & Eco-friendly
Sustainability and eco-friendly are not just ‘buzz words’, they are hugely important to us all, not just in our homes but also when travelling or on holiday.

Tried and Tested Cleaning Products
We use products from a range of manufacturers, all of which we have tried and tested.

Over the years we have come to realise that the main reason holiday makers don’t recycle is because everywhere has different rules about what goes where. At the outset we decided that we would make it simple for our guests to be able recycle without them having to read copious quantities of notes. Labelled containers in the kitchens make it easy and there are corresponding containers outside for their waste.

Bin bags are biodegradable thus reducing the use of plastics.

We have installed a plumbed-in filter and tap for drinking water in the kitchen – guests can bring their own reusable water bottles and refill them from the tap, instead of purchasing water in plastic bottles and adding to the plastic mountain.

bio cleaning products -Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages South Pembrokeshire
Ecozone - Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages South Pembrokeshire
Sones Beeswax

Cleaning Products are sourced from the following:

  • You – using refill concentrates to reduce plastic waste
  • Bio D
  • Ecozone
  • Ecover
  • Ecoegg
  • Method
  • Earth Friendly
  • Planet Pure
  • Bentley Organic
  • Dri Pak
  • Stones
  • White Vinegar

We also sanitize touch points around the cottages in line with Covid-19 regulations using accredited sanitizers

Organic and/or Eco-friendly supplies

We provide supplies for our guests from a range of tried and tested organic/eco-friendly products; the list is by no means exhaustive but a selection of manufacturers can be found below.

  • Faith in Nature: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Wash
  • Simply Gentle: Organic Cotton pads & cotton buds
  • Fab Little Bags: biodegradable sanitary bags
  • Ecover: compost bags, cleaning products
    Cheeky Panda: facial tissues
  • Renova: toilet rolls
  • Ecoleaf: kitchen towels

“I love the fact that the products she uses are environmentally friendly“